Finding the Right Window Treatments For Your Fitness Center
Finding the Right Window Treatments For Your Fitness Center

Finding the Right Window Treatments For Your Fitness Center

Designing a fitness room, are you?

If so, you probably have a lot to think about. You must consider the space, the machines, the aesthetic, and more. We guarantee that the last thing on your mind is what kind of window treatments you are going to use in your fitness center.

However, it is important to note that choosing the right type of affordable blinds for your space can truly enhance it. Whether you are in the process of decorating a large gym in a commercial building, a fitness center in an apartment complex, or anything in-between, great window treatments are worth looking into.

What Kinds of Window Treatments Should I Look At

We always recommend shades or blinds for fitness centers. They are far more modern-looking than curtains and they can block out the sun nicely, which helps to keep it cool inside your gym. If you live in a hotter climate, the last thing you want to do is spend thousands on unnecessary air conditioning. When a gym is better insulated, it stays cooler longer. Having shades with sun-blocking properties is helpful in this regard.

Finding the Right Window Treatments For Your Fitness Center
Finding the Right Window Treatments For Your Fitness Center

We recommend solar shades. They are very sleek and modern looking, which is perfect for most new gyms. Solar shades typically use durable and easy-to-clean fabric as well. With a constant state of sweaty humidity in the air, the last thing that you’ll want is window treatments that are difficult to clean find out how much are roller blackout shades.

If you’re serious about insulation, you can take it a step up and get honeycomb shades or cellular shades. These types of window treatments make use of small, honeycomb-shaped pockets that help to trap hot air moving its way into the building, Honeycomb shades provide prime insulation, all the while retaining a modern look and supreme durability like these top down bottom up shades from Affordable Blinds.

Another important thing to consider is the transparency of your shades. Most gym patrons don’t want any onlookers sitting around outside while they are working out. However, most gym patrons don’t want to feel like they are trapped in a giant box either. This is where light filtering window treatments come in.

Light filtering window treatments aren’t quite sheer, yet you can see out of them enough to get some light in while protecting the privacy of those inside.

Finding the Right Window Treatments

Before you narrow down your window treatment choices, you should also consider how many windows you have in your facility. You’ll want to factor in the size of each window too. Knowing how many windows you have and the shapes and sizes of those windows allows you to choose window treatments that add function and style to the space.

Consider the décor in the gym as well. You’ll likely be working with modern décor in a gym, which is why solar and cellular shades are some of the best choices. Plus, many design companies give businesses the ability to brand solar shades with logos, which could add a nice touch of professionalism to your fitness center business.

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