What is SportsOnearthBlog.com?

Betting on football is a raw of opportunities, and who but the team SportsOnearthBlog.com knows about it? Our project is dedicated to the study of both the sport itself and the features of betting on it. It is crucial to help other beginners or experienced bettors correctly evaluate matches, players, and teams in order to effectively earn on their own hobby.

We strive to create a strong community where everyone can find something useful to their liking. To better understand the idea, you should get acquainted with us. We are desperate football fans who can’t imagine their life without discipline. Over the years, each of us has improved our theoretical (and even practical) knowledge and skills in the sport. As a result, we learned to correctly and accurately assess the chances of different squads, and thus predict the results of competitions. It definitely helps with correct betting.

Here we create ratings of the best offers, thus, we review the most popular bookmakers in India, as well as tell you more about it itself and various leagues.

Why should you trust us?

Just words mean nothing, so our team understands it’s time to introduce the strengths of SportsOnearthBlog.com.


Each of us is a professional in the field: someone has been engaged in forecasting for more than twenty years, someone is a real player in the past, and someone has the ability to find such necessary data. In order to create an in-depth analysis, a gambler needs several days or weeks and an extremely large amount of effort. We present basic and detailed articles, where you find a base from which you should start and become able to choose a bookmaker yourself using qualified help.


Being a professional isn’t enough. SportsOnearthBlog.com is a community of like-minded people who love what they do to the point of insanity.

For us, it is not just about work, on the contrary, each of the team members gets high from every single task, from every completed study, from every article. If you, like us, are crazy about football – you are in the right place!


It doesn’t matter if we like the bookmaker, if it presents worthwhile stakes, we can’t help but share it with you. If a team member doesn’t like the Bundesliga, but they offer the most favorable odds, we will recommend the office to you.


Our tips and tricks are always applicable to real betting. There is no point in advising anything if it is not effective. Quality and results are as important to us as they are to you.

The keyword is football

Since we are in love with football as you are, the main topic of everything discussed here is the particular sport. But why? Let’s take a closer look. Footballf the most widely spread disciplines, of course, because tickets to the matches are sold out almost always. Many people love the game.

What is the reason to have such popularity? Why do so many people buy tickets? Of course, among those who buy tickets to the occasions, some are closely interested in sports. Many people love the whole atmosphere. Visiting the stadium has become fashionable. Also, the reason is people love the show. Many of them go to the game to watch the stars of the world play.

Football is an enormously spectacular sport. It is hard to refuse to attend an event when the passions on the field are so high you get a big boost of energy afterward. Moreover, the event is very interesting to watch. You always have to encourage a specific team, which adds to the interest. It holds an important place in the minds and hearts of fans over the world. It originated in England, but since it has been successfully touring the planet, attracting more and more fans.

The reasons to be worldwide adored are:

Football is almost a religion

Today it unites people as massively as the major religious denominations.

In every corner of the world, you can see people wearing scarves of their favorite clubs and national team shirts, and bars and fan zones showing world-class matches are always packed.

It is impossible to exist in civilization and not learn about ball playing, but it is very easy to fall in love with it.

All you need to play with is a ball

It is very easy to start, you only need one ball. All it’s left is to make some goals with makeshift materials (bricks, bottles, backpacks, whatever) and get like-minded fellows together. As your interest in the sport grows, you get professional boots and uniforms, but it is optional, at first you just have to master the basic rules: kick the ball towards your opponent’s goal and don’t touch the ball with your hands.

You can play all year round

It is not a seasonal sport, you can play a favorite sport all year round. In the summer months, it is nice to kick the ball around on the green grass outdoors, and when it is cold the players go out into the STADIUM and run around. By the way, it is the peculiarity of the cold climate, in many countries you can play football in the street without a winter holiday.

It’s a team sport

Here a squad as a single organism moves the ball towards the opposition goal and does not let them score on their own. Working together connects and strengthens friendships off the field.

Physical aspects do not matter

Everyone can enjoy the occasion, but an athlete without excellent physical data can succeed – intelligence, skills and the ability to work accurately with the ball are far more important. A perfect example is Lionel Messi.

Excitement overwhelms

It helps you get out of the dull daily routine and everyday life and gives experience vivid emotions of all kinds during the game. There is no greater feeling than when your favorite club scores the winning goal in the last minute of a match, or when you save the bankroll with a spectacular batting strategy.

The sport connects fellows around the globe

it is impossible to escape from the sport, news about the tournament is broadcast from various sides. So you never stay limited with little information.

Lots of staff depends on details

Every high-performance sport evolves to such an extent the difference between a winner and a loser is determined by the smallest of details. It’s how it is stated here: a few centimeters separate the ball from hitting the target, the team loses the victory, and the chance to go down in history.

The discipline amazes with aesthetics

It is full of aesthetics, from green grass with white lines to regularly updated uniforms transcend stadiums and infiltrate the street culture. There’s a lot of beauty and appeal in football you’ll want to see every week.

It is quite unpredictable

It seems to be the main charm of the discipline: every team can beat their record and achieve something worthwhile.
It is precisely in unpredictability the main beauty of the discipline lies. Watching each game is not boring, because something new is constantly happening. If we talk about World Championships or continental (European leagues, to give an example), sensations occur every second! You should not even remember the many unique final matches of the World Cup and Champions League, which are forever imprinted in the memory of every fan.

Therefore, it is obvious the particular sport causes delight and motivates you to understand the details of betting to earn extra money.

How to lead the best online betting on football 2023

Football gambling may be very lucrative if you have a basic knowledge of the sport and online betting. At SportsOnearthBlog.com we can help you select the best markets and, surely, learn the way staking to get benefits. But before that, we’re going to show you how to prepare to bet step by step.

Pay special attention to odds

To clearly explain how to bet on football, it’s worth puzzling out the coefficients available at each bookmaker. They are accompanied by numbers that indicate which team is the favorite and which is the underdog, and also show the amount of money you can get if your predictions are correct. Note, the odds start at 1, so the options with the highest payout are the ones closest to the number, but they will also be with the lowest payout. To give an example, with odds of 1.10, you may almost make a concrete stake, but report only 10 cents per bet.

On the contrary, you may also find coefficients like 3001.00. It means for 1 rupee you can get 3001 rupees, which is still very attractive, but the chances of entering a prediction are practically zero.

TOP competitions to bet on football

Another crucial aspect is to choose the leagues to make predictions. The tournaments you are familiar with will be available at your favorite betting shop and both qualifying competitions and lower leagues will take place.

Therefore, we recommend you firstly check out the following list of world-known leagues which we regularly provide information. Among the best gambling tournaments are:

  • UEFA Champions League;
  • UEFA Europa League;
  • UEFA Europa Conference League;
  • England Premier League;
  • Ligue 1;
  • Indian Super League;
  • Bundesliga;
  • DFB Pokal;
  • China Super League;
  • etc.

What types of bets are available to gamble?

You already know the way odds work and what competitions they can be found in, so it’s time to review the many types of stakes available on the market. Not to get lost, at the beginning consider these ones obligatory:

  • on the winner;
    Win gambling gives you the chance to decide on the outcome of a match, whether it is a winner or a draw. You don’t need to specify the exact result at the end of the game, just bet on one of the three available options: victory, loss, or draw.
  • on the outcome;
    Let’s figure out a common prediction — so-called «more or less» bets. In this case, the goal is to predict the number of goals scored in a game considering the possibility of not setting a precise number indicated in the proffer.
  • handicap betting;
    As in other sports, handicap staking allows to increase winnings even when a favorite team loses. In this type of bet, the underdog has the advantage before the match and the favorite comes out at a disadvantage. As a rule, here handicaps equals 1 or 2 depending on the strength of the clubs facing each other.
  • others.

Many stakes don’t just have to concentrate on what happens during the 90 minutes of each game. If you are a big fan of statistics or like to guess what happens at the end of each competition, specific bets like the following are specified:

  • total wins (each team);
  • TOP scorer;
  • the Golden Ball winner;
  • the winner of the tournament;
  • squads qualifying to the league;
  • squads leaving them.

Such future stakes may be placed at any time before the start of the competition and even during the tournament, with odds changing depending on the results of your favorite teams.

Check the recent performance of chosen club

To place a bet correctly, you need not only to learn to understand the odds and types of offers but also to conduct a minimal analysis of the previous activity and performance of the favorite.

First, check the way the most recent events ended (score, features, physical shape of players, coach’s work, penalties, injuries), then compare them with the results of the previous season. Don’t forget to compare the data with the enemy’s indicators. Never underestimate any club, because it is so adored everywhere, especially because of its unpredictability and curiosity.

We strongly advise you not to forget about the physical shape and motivation of the athletes. If the team composition was previously changed due to force majeure or there were simply new players who probably haven’t adapted yet, you need to be quite careful in your prediction. Coaching is also of great importance.

Analyze the different bookmakers

It is obvious to start playing you need to sign up at the office by clicking on the Register button, which is usually active in the top right corner of the official website’s screen. Then add the requested information with no fake data (name, surname, email address, etc.), select the payment method you wish to use to make the first deposit, use the welcome bonus (if allowed in the process), check the inbox (or spam folder) to complete the registration verification process, etc. But how to choose an advantageous bookmaker?

Best online betting sites 2023 by SportsOnearthBlog.com

Sometimes picking the right company turns into a real challenge. Somewhere there are problems with the variety of variations, somewhere you are not satisfied with the quality of customer service, somewhere an inconvenient website or mobile application (or there is none at all), a financial policy which is unprofitable to earn for the punter, and so on. In order not to check everything on your own experience, losing a lot of nerves and huge amounts of money, it is better to pay attention to the review created by professionals.

As we noted above, we value quality and strive to help every punter. To pick the most appropriate agency, we’ve prepared short reviews of the advantages and disadvantages of well-known bookies.



  • minimum deposit amount is low;
  • transfers are made without commission;
  • withdrawal and deposit time no longer than 12 hours;
  • expanded loyalty policy and cool bonuses every day;
  • refund possibility;
  • in addition to sports betting, the online casino and eSports are presented;
  • there is a convenient mobile app;
  • perfect Customer Support.


  • possessing license from MGA, Curacao, UKGC;
  • sharing real-time betting, eSports, casinos;
  • you are free to play with your mobile, tablet, or laptop;
  • great reputation gained (established in 2009);
  • giving early withdrawal.


  • gambling shop with many disciplines and markets is available;
  • excellent streaming is presented;
  • cash out option;
  • a great mobile app is developed;
  • good customer service;
  • intuitive and simple design of the website;
  • match-finder option.


  • a variety of bonuses and promotions to customers;
  • allowing real-time staking;
  • a nice mobile app both for IOS and Android;
  • over 90 payment methods to deposit and withdrawal;
  • wide range of markets and stakes;
  • Customer Support 24 hours a day.


  • attractive odds comparing low bookmaker commissions;
  • availability of personal settings at a website;
  • a functional mobile app software;
  • high-quality Customer Support;
  • immediate withdrawals.


  • A trusted official website;
  • a huge raw of predictions;
  • giving fast payouts;
  • generous predictions;
  • reliable Customer Support.


a wide range of sports events;
generous welcome bonus;
signing up process is sufficient to access all website functions;
It is licensed by Curacao and is absolutely safe for international gambling.


Thus, now you are free to figure out the preferred offices to deal with. Count on the benefits each of them provides. Today, clients need the highest quality service, so if you are not satisfied with a certain disadvantage in the agency, do not cling to it, but on the contrary, start working with another platform.

Live football betting is the chance to profit

Live or straight stakes are always placed from the start of an event until the end of the game. Depending on how it develops, the odds of a particular market change, allowing you to get better odds than pre-match bets or seek a safer prediction while watching streaming. In fact, one of the keys to winning in real-time is to follow the event thoroughly. The companies have a real-time gambling section where you quickly access the sports and markets.

How does it work?

In every bookmaker, there is a special area to start live staking. Clicking on any competition takes you to the corresponding menu where you find a bar with information on the progress of the event and the available stakes with the coefficients.

The first thing that catches the eye is the fluctuations in the odds. They are updated in real-time when a sporting event takes place or when an important circumstance occurs (for example a goal in a match). The price change is one of the main attractions to gamesters trying to profit.

Taking advantage of live gambling requires intuition. Don’t be confused with improvisation or lack of foundation. Intuition is gained with experience and knowledge, allowing you to quickly interpret the different situations which may arise and choose the prediction.

Manual to place live bets correctly

The first step is to sign up with a bookmaker, create an account and make your first deposit. Remember to check in advance if the company has a welcome bonus.

After accessing the menu of the competition, you have to choose the option with the respective commission. Each of them appears in the boxes you need to click on. It generates a betting ticket where the amount is inserted, just confirm it then. Such bets take a few seconds to be confirmed.

Football options to use

There are many various types of live gambling, in the discipline, you are overwhelmed with most of the predictions at the whole market. You place them in the Champions League, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, Indian Premier League, UEFA European Championship, etc. Among the most common you have:

  • on the winner; It is about forecasting the winner of the match.
  • on the outcome;
    Only choose the final result of the occasion.
  • on the number of goals;
    Focus on who scores a goal and then decide the order or how you want to use the information.
  • on angle playing;
    Forecast the number of angles or who scores next.
  • etc.

How are the odds calculated here?

Live staking coefficients are calculated in the same way as pre-match. Everything is based on the probability of something happening. The higher the chance, the lower the chance, and the lower the chance, the higher. Companies also try to maintain a winning percentage even if they win. The rates vary depending on what is happening.

Benefits to getting acquainted with

Live gambling have several advantages. If you dig into the following circumstances and understand what to do, do not hesitate to become a successful punter. Keep in mind these advantages:

  • immediate data updating;
    Perhaps the main advantage is the instant availability of first-hand information on what is happening.
  • streaming to watch;
    You kill two birds with one stone here. Some bookmakers allow watch the occasion on their website and earn money at the same time.
  • trading;
    You play with varying coefficients and developments to cover all possible options and profit no matter what happens.
  • responsiveness;
    Decisions are made quickly. Within seconds of recognizing a situation, you may continue or stop using the Cash Out function.
  • etc.

Cash-out process in live

Cash-out is a service provided by bookies allowing you to close a stake early and withdraw it. To do it, the office buys your bid at a price depending on the way the occasion takes place. It is logical to make a profit or minimize losses in any case. The main purpose of the cash-out function is to gain more control over the market in real-time. It allows you to decide when to make a profit or avoid losing if something goes wrong as expected.

Tips to follow to succeed

It is not bad to listen to tips, Many experienced punters think tips are key points. Read out the main ones not to repeat mistakes and gain effectively.

  • compare various companies to deal with;
    It is the basic principle of every punter. You always have to choose the highest coefficient, but it is not always on the same bookmaker. If you have to check out several agencies first to compare terms and stay with the best.
  • elaborate a plan of action;
    The gambling process doesn’t have to mean everything should be left to chance, as events occur during a sporting competition. Try to imagine different scenarios and what predictions you would place in each case. Then, if one of them happens, you know exactly what to do, how much money to put in, and at what odds.
  • control your emotions;
    Related to the above point, it should be clear that it is better to dig in with a cold mind than with a warm heart. It requires a cool mind not to lose control and get carried away in winning or losing situations of euphoria or nerves.
  • follow streaming;
    Well, it is obvious. Live interpretation is one of the most fascinating parts. It allows us to have direct and reliable data on the indicators, penalties, injuries, and goals and allows you to refine the bids.

Remember information is the key to separating a good bid from a bad one. Bet on the sport you are aware of and your professionalism grow faster, allowing you to win more.

How to win a live bid?

Here it is crucial to follow a well-prepaid guide (plan) and winning strategies, which are no different, by the way. Besides, the tips above don’t neglect these two recommendations:

  1. a profound analysis;
    To place a bid, it is essential to know the features and particularities of the game in advance. Surely, sometimes it is the same as gambling before the match. To succeed you should analyze the opponents (their list, physical shape of players, motivation, injuries and penalties, coach, recent performance), look out for the previous confrontations between them, etc. This way, it will be easier to predict the result and place a bid as soon as you see it coming.
  2. pre-match coverage.
    One of the functions of this type of bid is to hedge pre-match ones. Usually, when you make predictions before a game, you are analyzing an occasion. However, there is a human factor, so any mistake may be found.

When this happens, real-time gambling is a good option to hedge bids. At least you don’t lose money and even win some.

Live or pre-match gambling

Although such staking may be the opposite of pre-game one, they match each other to a certain extent as the first may help to hedge pre-game sets so that you profit regardless of the outcome.

While pre-match requires analyzing how two opponents lead a game, staking is about trusting what you see, like sensations.
Such options are more interesting, they indicate a greater discharge of adrenaline, although the truth is they are more difficult to predict.

Selection of the best online betting site

Choosing great bookmakers is crucial according to these types of predictions. The selection should be elaborated according to some criteria. Several indicators must be considered while deciding.

Streaming service

For real-time occasions, it is very good to be able to access streaming, thus displaying the desired game now and here. Keep in mind that the streaming service is technically not free (as a rule) and may vary depending on geographical restrictions.

Wide market

The more variants you have, the better. You should pay attention if there is only one to follow or if there is more.

Odds range

Most offices have very similar coefficients. A few tenths make a difference in large amounts.

Mobile app

The occasions are supposed to be available to watch and predict at any time. The shop apps allow you to place bets from anywhere. Also, don’t waste time accessing the browser and seeking the page.

Avoid TOP common mistakes

To succeed it is crucial not to repeat mistakes, which have been tested by millions of punters. Let’s overview them.

Setting wrong coefficients

The first common error is not getting the best coefficients to place a bid. It is necessary to make a significant profit from gambling. We know that this is not an easy task, it is tedious to track and compare the different commissions offered by companies. Though, you shouldn’t stop comparing coefficients so as not to lose all the money.

Incorrect management of your bankroll

Sometimes creating a bankroll is not enough, but you should also learn some techniques to help you manage a playing fund properly. So don’t waste your finances on a sports gambling platform in vain.

Set personal limits on the performance of each bid, then pick a fixed unit for each result and gamble as long as you have free money from the bankroll. If you do not manage the bankroll, the loss of money will be enormous. So try to take care of the fund and increase it.

Trying to win back

When you’ve experienced a string of successive losses, don’t think you’ll run away from beginner’s luck by staking an amount you’ve lost on the last attempt, no, the sphere doesn’t have to be like that. We’re not saying it’s impossible to win huge amounts, but try to follow a strategy rather than winning, because you’re bound to lose.

With this in mind, the best option is to pick small amounts with analysis, with previous research and knowledge of the discipline or game you need to put on, and in this way, you have a good chance of winning. Remember, it is always better to win a little than to lose a lot.

Not asking for help with addiction problems

The pandemic has changed our lives so much that even now we get any help within reach of a clique. People addicted to gambling, also known as problem punters, are often reluctant to seek help online according to their problems.

If this is your case, feel free to contact a bookie directly. Usually, a great company has an exclusive helpline for addicted users. Don’t wait any longer, get in touch with them. Remember that online gambling is allowed for adults only. Play responsibly.

Deciding on impulse or emotions

Sometimes even the most reliable sources can go wrong, so it will be an error to engage in something else or simply make guesses. Learning, understanding, and studying any discipline is a crucial part of becoming a successful punter. It all offers various ways to analyze and appropriate bids to receive successful results presented in cash. If you want to profit in the short or long term, you need to elaborate strategies, pick the right occasion and constantly learn.

Always putting on a favorite

A squad that is usually considered to be the favorite has good chances of winning, though the game surprises both locals and foreigners. Anything may be discovered, so you must study statistics and the context.

Staking on used options

A common mistake that even professionals make is to overreact to the rapidly changing coefficients. Usually, most are not always right as bookmakers break even within a few days. All you need to do is watch and follow the bids chosen by the majority of punters.

No popular prediction is right, in fact, if you just watch the high-stakes matches around the world for a while, you will realize that most of them are losing or the terms offered do not bring profit. Develop your own research models and only agree with the majority if you share the same opinion. It is crucial to follow a certain action plan in order to get a good result and earn extra money.

So, in order to be successful, you don’t need a lot — only constantly develop and learn new things, delve into the field and learn all the little things (related to both the discipline and the market), as well as believe in yourself. Starting to do something is always difficult, but the effort will definitely be worth it. Knowledge and stubbornness help you reach the top, and if this is combined with the desire to learn and character, then you have no equal.

First of all, do not forget to pick the right platform, because a lot depends on it, like the game conditions. You will also find out a detailed analysis of the top bookmakers in India on our website (on separate pages of the same name). Besides, you will get acquainted with a detailed review of tournaments and in-depth tips that will be useful.