Betting on sports has always been part of fans’ gambling lives. In 2023, betting overflowing with sports fans and fans of individual athletes. A separate place in them is football, although it is not exactly a gambling sport, millions of people around the world follow the championship and cheer for clubs, their country, or the league champions. This is how debates and bets are born. Bookmakers even specially arrange shows to attract as many fans around the world to the sport as possible.

Why you need to bet on football and how to do it correctly

If you are an experienced gambler, you probably know that the most profitable bets take place during the CL season. This is the “gold mine” when the bookmakers raise the most money and players have the chance to hit huge jackpots. So why bet on this sport and how to do it profitably?

First, you need to understand the history of football and the distribution of players. Competition, whether it’s regional games, friendly games for fundraising, or just memorable battles for the right to be named the best team of the new year, are always happening.

And you’re well within your rights to staking during this period, but never miss the start of a championship. This is the best time to enter the competition of chance, when just by studying and analyzing the bookmakers’ predictions, you should get up to +50% on your account.

Secondly, if you want to make money on it, don’t pick your favorites. Let’s be honest, patriotism and loyalty are good, but if you’re looking at bookmakers’ predictions, don’t pour money on a wager on a club that has performed badly before or is losing ground in the UEFA CL. It’s better to support them from the stands afterward or donate to the club than to give money away on a bad wager.

Third, think critically and don’t drain your last money on bets. This is important because the excitement may not pay off. Start betting on predictions and odds at proven bookmakers: the CL leaders at the height of the season. It’s easy money, but the main thing is to analyze the state of the team and its leaders or just trust the bookie. Start with 10-50 dollars, when you catch a rhythm, you should stake more. The point is that the more you stake – the more you get from the bookmaker, but still do not get carried away, because you can always stay with nothing.

Which tournaments you should bet on

As mentioned above, games in this sport happen all the time, especially if you consider friendly regional matches. You should avoid them, you won’t earn much here and you risk losing everything if you underestimate the opposing team. It is best to bet on:

  • World Championships: choose the leading squad that has the best chance of winning, usually, these teams stand out in bookmakers’ predictions right away.
    European League Championship: great potential, boring games and you can hit the jackpot if you analyze the teams well.
  • UEFA Champions League: This is the most promising chance for a good bet. Often, you don’t even need to know the clubs to make money, because there are already predictions you should use. At the very least, you can analyze the composition of the teams.
  • English League or English Championship: there are very entertaining and gambling competition, from which both bets go well, and it is not boring to watch. England often surprises fans with unusual twists and turns, because it has the lowest percentage of rigged games.
  • World Cup and European Championship qualifying matches: here the competitions are quite boring, but a little money can still be won.
  • UEFA European League is not a good start for betting. Here you can find fixed games and rather monotonous matches that will not bring you much money.

Many experienced people who have been betting for more than a year ignore it altogether, considering it unstable.
Championships in Spain, Germany, Italy, etc. These are quite dark places for sports betting, so it is not advised to start with them. It is better to wait for the qualifying round of the European Championship.

This is an introductory recommendation, which we do, based on our experience. You may well not agree with our conclusions and bet on any match.

UEFA Champions League Overview

Let’s focus on the UEFA CL. Nowadays, betting at the time of these matches is very popular. In general, many fans adore the players, and the squad constantly follows the news.

To understand how bets work here and why it is profitable to make them here in 2023, let’s get you acquainted with the teams.

History of UEFA LC

Founded in 1955, the UEFA Champions League is one of the oldest soccer competitions. It was the Frenchman (as ironic as it may sound because French times are considered the most boring) Gabriel Hanot who proposed the creation of such a league.

The basic idea is as follows: there are football squads with a high rating that will qualify for the group stage immediately and there are squads with a low rating that will have to play a few matches among themselves to qualify for the major leagues. After the lower league plays each other, the players of the higher level are connected, where they are divided into pairs for times using a draw.

The winners play two matches, after which the strongest club is named. There is a chance to get into other levels, like FIFA. A total of 125 matches are played among the 32 participants.

Where is the UEFA Champions League 2023

The location of the UEFA LC times is stipulated in advance. There is a certain pattern of tournaments, so fans know ahead of time where the main event of fans will be held.

The main series of matches will start in September 2023. The games will be played on the fields of the opponents, and the schedule of matches will appear a little later this year. And here’s where the final of the CL is already clear – this year’s chosen Istanbul. One of the most beautiful soccer stadiums in Ataturk is preparing to host the fans and the champions.

So you already should looking for tickets if you plan to attend this year’s main event.


Usually there are a lot of sponsors. These include automobile companies, toy manufacturers, food manufacturers, and sports equipment manufacturers.

  • The main sponsors:
  • Nissan
  • PlayStation
  • MasterCard
  • Lay’s
  • Heineken

We wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve often noticed sponsors tagging their merchandise during competitions. They usually release merch or limited edition merchandise dedicated to the competitions.

Features of the UEFA LC game

The League has its special features. Initially, draws must take place between the characters of the qualifying rounds, then the winners of these rounds will be determined, and they will play each other. After the qualifiers have passed, the main group competitions and playoff matches will begin.

Finals and semifinals are usually played in the spring and summer, so all squads will get their odds and standings before then. In 2023, the final will be held in Turkey. After that, England will host the finals in 2024, and in 2025, Germany will host the fans.

Differences between the UEFA Champions League and the European League

Many people confuse the CL and the EU League. But you have to remember their main difference: in the Champions League the best play, these competitions are considered the most prestigious, and there is always a lot of attention from the public. The Europa League is a rather down-to-earth championship, which often separates the losers.

If players fail in the CL, they can win in the European League. But only if they win the EL can they qualify for the CL. In terms of betting, it is best to look at the winners of a prestigious event because you can make big money there. Betting on football in the European League season is not so good, there may be fake matches or very boring competitions that do not bring profit and pleasure for the gambler at all.

Best LC UEFA games of all time

Since the league often has unexpected twists and turns, it is difficult to predict the outcome of an event, even with bookmakers’ predictions in hand.

  • 2004 – the game between Deportivo La Coruña and Milan.
    This one was played with a score of 4-1 in the first game, 4-0 in the second, and 5-4 in the third. Then the club snatched a win to advance to the semifinals. Now Deportivo La Coruña is not experiencing the best of times, but perhaps everything is ahead of them.
  • 2019 – Ajax vs Tottenham game.
    This could be called the main defeat of the 2019 semifinals. In the first match away, the first club won 1-0, and the second game was a draw. But the last time was not set in their favor, so Ajax failed.
  • 1999 – Juventus vs Manchester United.
    Roy Keane’s iconic play helped United to a comeback within 11 minutes of conceding two goals. Keane missed the final, but United would not have made it if not for his goal and tremendous work against Juventus, which inspired MU to a dramatic win. The game ended 2-3.
  • 2017 – Barcelona vs PSG.
    The 2017 game made history because PSG was able to beat Barcelona 4-0. In this fateful match, Leo Messi, Neymar, and Sergio Roberto played their main competition. The latter, by the way, after this match moved to another club for a record 222 million euros.
  • 2005 – Milan and Liverpool.
    That competition will be remembered for a long time to come. The famous 3-3 final, which was called the “Istanbul miracle. In the new year, they will play in Turkey again, whether the miracle will be repeated this year, we will know very soon, we just have to wait for the final.

The 2023 UEFA Champions League season: What is known before then?

This year we are in for a new busy season of UEFA CL games. Russia is excluded this year at least until the end of the season in 2023. A total of 79 teams from 54 soccer associations will take part in the competition.

The number of participants a country can provide is determined by the organization’s odds. England, Italy, Spain, and Germany provide 4 clubs this year, as they occupy the leading positions. France and Portugal will put 2 teams from each country, with Netherlands and Russia in third place by odds, but since the latter is excluded from the list, the Netherlands can also put two squads. Here are top 15 leaders for the new 2023 season:

Country Factor Number of teams
England 100,6 4
Spain 97,85 4
Italy 75,43 4
Germany 73,57 4
France 56,08 3
Portugal 48,54 3
Netherlands 39,2 2
Belgium 36,5 2
Austria 35,8 2
Scotland 33,3 2
Ukraine 33,1 2
Turkey 30,1 2
Denmark 27,8 2
Cyprus 27,7 2


Serbia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Switzerland and other countries, except Liechtenstein, submit one squad each. The best players this year, we hope, will not yawn, because the final of the competition will be held in the happy land of Turkey. This is where the famous Milan and Liverpool teams played out their draw in 2005. Teams such as:

  • Manchester City
  • Real Madrid
  • Milan
  • Bayern
  • Paris Saint Germain
  • Ajax
  • Shakhtar Donetsk
  • Bruges
  • Porto
  • Red Bull Salzburg
  • Celtic

Above ranked first in their respective championships in the previous season. The following clubs, which advanced to the group stages, placed second:

  • Liverpool
  • Barcelona
  • Internazionale
  • Borussia Dortmund
  • Marseille
  • Sporting
  • Third and fourth places got last season:
  • Chelsea
  • Atletico
  • Napoli
  • Bayer
  • Tottenham Hotspur
  • Sevilla
  • Juventus
  • Leipzig

Other teams will play in the playoffs, qualifying rounds and preliminary rounds to pick their spot. We look forward to watching their progress and staking on our favorite players.

Schedule of UEFA LC 2023 matches

We hope that this year we won’t have any accidents with postponed times. So far the schedule looks like this, but it could change.

Phase Round Toss-up Date
Qualification Preliminary round 7 June June 21-24 (semi-finals and finals)
First qualification round 14 June July 5-6 and July 12-13
Second qualification round 15 June July 19-20 and July 26-27, 2022
Third qualification round 18 July August 2-3, 2022 and August 9
Qualifying round of playoffs August 2 August 16-17 and August 23-24
Group stage Day 1 August 25 September 6-7
Day 2 September 13-14
Day 3 October 4-5
Day 4 October 11-12
Day 5 October 25-26
Day 6 November 1-2
Play-offs 1/8 final November 14 14, 15, 21, 22 February and 7, 8, 14, 15 March (2023)
1/4 final March 17, 2023 April 11-12 and April 18-19, 2023
Semifinals May 9-10 and May 16-17, 2023
Final June 10, (2023) at Ataturk Olympic Stadium, Istanbul

How to bet on UEFA LC

The world is almost over the pandemic, so let’s hope nothing will interrupt this year of games. Expect a standard distribution of clubs and a return to the strategy of previous years.

Of course, a lot of betting depends on the choice of the bookmaker’s office. So choose wisely and better decide right away, where exactly you will stake. Here are a few proven bookmakers, as well as their pros and cons, to make it easier for you to decide who you should trust with your sports wager.

Where to stake on UEFA Champions League


+ Live streaming India + Fast money withdrawal + Precise predictions + Account Bonuses - Not profitable odds - A well-known bookmaker, so the winnings may be less


+ Good odds + Match broadcasts + Simple strategies - Not a so convenient authentication - Weird interface


+ Big bonuses + Accurate predictions + Small game betting - Long withdrawal to the card - Not so big odds


+ Easy money withdrawal + Proven Bookmaker + Easy to get into the game - Not available in all countries - Complicated interface


+ A well-known bookmaker + Good odds + Broadcast matches + Quick money withdrawal - It's hard to link a card - Not as accurate predictions


+ User-friendly interface + A lot of bets on different leagues and matches + Quick money withdrawal - Not so big odds


+ Big bonuses + Accurate predictions + Easy strategies - Complicated interface - Long withdrawal time to the card - Not so big odds

If you have chosen your bookie, you can develop a betting strategy. It will depend on how much you are willing to invest in the game and how much you want to earn. We do not advise taking risks in such cases, moreover, this year you can not exactly rely on predictions due to the instability of some teams. So be careful and choose wisely, you should not take too much risk.

Strategy for betting on football

What you need to remember when forming a betting strategy for new season:

  • The home team wins 55% of games.
  • If a strong club plays against a weak club (on its field), there is a probability that there will be at least one goal against the strong club.
  • In matches between the leaders 1:0 and 1:1 are good bets.
  • Some fields are covered with synthetic turf, which is more difficult to play on, so you should wager on hometeam.
  • The average performance of teams in the times is 2.8 goals. Therefore there is no point in staking higher.
  • Evaluate your opponents and the workload of the teams. If a not very strong team has played against several strong players, there is a chance that it will pass up in the final level.
  • Make double bets if you are not sure about the predictions for this season, they bring less profit, but this way you definitely won’t lose.

Of course, we can’t tell you exactly who to bet on this year. But you should understand that the leading teams play only in group rounds, they are less tired and therefore hold their championship more often.

So it is logical to bet on the clubs of golden four: England, Spain, Italy, and Germany. When the finals begin, analyze the habits of the teams in previous games. It doesn’t hurt to review some of the past seasons if you have the opportunity. Don’t trust blind analysts either.

Predictions for next season

As such, there are no predictions yet. But Manchester and Real Madrid are the main hotstars and favorites of the season, whose fight is inevitable this year. Of course, we can’t ignore Bayern, Milan, and Shakhtar Donetsk – they are really strong, so the battle to the last competitions is not excluded.

We do not make big bets on the season’s outsiders, as they should be exhausted by the preliminary times, which will run for several months. This is bad for the clubs, so few of them actually make it to the next league. Something may change this year, though.

This is good because this year’s matches will be less predictable. It doesn’t help the gamblers in the bookies though, because they will have to adjust their staking strategy to the new players. After all, this should not be difficult for experienced bettors.

You have a great chance to review the previous season and make your conclusions about this season’s staking and leaders. But hurry up, because if you want to start the season on time, there’s not much time left.