Every year, more and more people enter gambling: some play casinos, slot machines, or poker at the bookmaker’s office, while others begin the long journey from their favorite pastime to betting on sports. Learning how to place the right bets is not easy, you have to consider every variable and constantly monitor the progress of the top teams in the sport. Nevertheless, if you are not lazy, you can reach great heights in this business, winning good money.

What’s worth betting on in sports

You can stake on all sorts of sports: horse racing, boxing, golf, cricket, swimming, basketball, American football, and even figure skating. There are a lot of popular sports that attract bookmakers nowadays. But the most popular sport today’s football.

Why it is profitable to bet on football

Firstly, football is one of the most popular sports. This is already the first benefit of betting on it, as there are over a million people in the world who play, study, and watch it while cheering on their favorite team. So getting into the gambling game, if you have watched all of the club’s matches, is easy. After all, everyone bets mentally before a game, and here is a chance to make money.

Secondly, the stakes are very high. Literally in the main season, you can win up to one million if you understand the strategy and plan your budget correctly. But, we want to warn you, don’t immediately rush into a whirlwind of excitement and leave all your money in the first half. It’s better to build up your skins wisely and keep winning throughout the season.

Thirdly, there are a lot of games. When the football season starts, there are a lot of regional as well as international leagues starting right away. You can choose the one that suits you best, get to know your main opponents, and start staking. This is a good tactic that can bring in a lot of money.

Cons of betting on sports

But all is not well. There are downsides to this kind of staking. For example, the main one is that you have to learn a lot about rivalrys, players, strength of teams, coaches, follow every live stream, remember the nuances of coverage on the field, and much more. These important little things are exactly what experienced gamblers focus on in order to win.

Besides, there is always the risk of losing. That is why it is difficult to make this kind of work permanent, and you can’t call it stable. Betting is usually chosen either by young people who need to make a quick buck or by very loyal fans.

China Super League review

A lot of football fans unfairly ignore the China super alliance. It’s not as famous as FIFA and UEFA, but it’s a worthwhile sporting event on which China spends a lot of money to promote Chinese football and turn the country into a superpower through sport.

To bookmakers and gamblers, the competition may seem like a “dead” option, but it is not. It is slowly but slowly gaining popularity. Plus, you have an exclusive chance to make money on it while the rivalry is not as popular as other matches. But to do that, you need to know the history of the alliance first.


History of the China Super League

In 2004 the CSL came into being. It operates under the umbrella of the Chinese Football Association and the main idea of the league was and still is, to promote the European sport that is popular all over the world in China. Unfortunately, the competition is not very popular, but the country has worked hard to get many youngsters and famous players and coaches involved.

The competition went through a lot of scandals and reforms before presenting itself in the form we can see now. More than once its creators were accused of rigging matches, and promoting gambling and so, in due course, interest in it waned.

But afterward, a system of conditions was developed that allowed only the best teams to take part, and so the attention to football began to revive. In 2020-2021, the COVID-19 competition was very much in trouble, but this year they plan to revive the tradition of playing football.

If all goes well, 18 teams from all over China will take part. They will battle it out in an away match and home match format. The Chinese Super League is very similar to the European Super League because it is based on that format.

Game format

Playing in the Super League is similar to the UEFA CL. More precisely, a similar format in which each team plays twice: on its field and on the field of the opponent. Every year the number of teams increases.

Just three years ago, these teams were no more than 10, and already in 2022, there are 18 clubs. Very soon, the Chinese may even surpass the main European competition in scale and number of fans.

CSL differences

If you plan to bet on the CSL, you should know its differences from other alliances. Here’s what sets it apart from other football competitions.

Big budget. China lives large and does not skimp on football at all. The salary cap here is one of the biggest, at 95 million per team last year. Such budgets make it possible to run unbelievable promotional campaigns, provide the players with all the necessary equipment and attract foreign players.

Youth league. Due to the fact that China is an old-school country, they are attracting youngsters to football. This is why there is a youth competition to help discover new talents in football in China.

Different format. The CSL has developed its own game format. Here the teams are split into 4 teams, where each team plays the other. After that, 4 winners are chosen from each of the 4 teams, and they play each other. That way you get to two teams, among which the winner is decided.

Few fans. There really aren’t many fans in the CSL at the moment. There are not many bookmakers who allow you to stake on the alliance. The odds are not that high, because there is a risk of a fake match.

TOP-10 players of CSL

This league has its champions, who have already gained recognition among Chinese fans and are now getting paid big money to play for the big soccer clubs. Here are the top 10 players in this style.

  • Oscar plays for Shanghai Port.
  • Nicolae Stanciu from Wuhan Three Towns.
  • Frank Acheampong from Shenzhen FC.
  • Marouane Fellaini from Shandong Taishan.
  • Davidson from Wuhan Three Towns.
  • Jun-ho Son from Shandong Taishan.
  • Christian Bassogog from Shanghai Shenhua.
  • Lei Wu from Shanghai Port.
  • Erik best player in Changchun Yatai.
  • Jores Okore is Centre-Back player in Changchun Yatai.

TOP-10 clubs in CSL

The best clubs in the alliance are still very young, as are the players in them. But every year they gain experience, so watching the competition is not as boring as the European version, where everything is clear with the winners.

  • Guangzhou Evergrande.
  • Beijing FC.
  • Wuhan Three Towns.
  • Changchun Yatai.
  • Shanghai Port.
  • Shanghai Shenhua.
  • Shandong Taishan.
  • Shandong Luneng.
  • Shanghai SIPG.
  • Shanghai Shenhua.

There’s not much to say about the clubs yet. Their odds table is constantly changing, new good players are being added, and the competition itself is growing noticeably. So even someone who was at the top last year may not be able to hold on and be an outsider this year.

CSL 2023 season: everything that we know so far

The Chinese Super League begins in February or March and ends in November or December. To see the new games next year we will have to wait until the end of this season and the start of the new one.

The games between this season’s big winners are still in progress. Only in December will we know the winner and then we can place bets for next year. For now, Wuhan Three Towns leads the bookmakers, with Shandong TaiShan, the dark horse in the China field, breathing down his neck. The other players in the competition are still at the tail end. Perhaps they will show themselves closer to the final competition between the teams.

We can only assume that the new CSL 2023 will start around the same dates. The number of teams could be up to 20 if newer participants from other clubs want to join. But we are still inclined to keep it to 18.

The format we have described above will remain unchanged since China has already established this tactic of competition. Except that the new COVID-19 strains will overthrow the plans, which we would hate to see happen.

Leaders of CSL season 2022/2023

Although there is still a game underway between the clubs, here is a standings table with the results highlighting the top 10 scores.

Pos Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts Qualification or relegation
1 Wuhan Three Towns 14 13 1 0 46 8 +38 40 Qualification for AFC Champions League group stage
2 Shandong Taishan 14 12 0 2 31 9 +22 36 Qualification for AFC CL play-off round
3 Henan Songshan Longmen 14 8 3 3 28 15 +13 27
4 Meizhou Hakka 14 6 5 3 18 13 +5 23
5 Shanghai Shenhua 13 6 5 2 18 13 +5 23
6 Beijing Guoan 14 6 4 4 21 20 +1 22
7 Shanghai Port 13 6 3 4 14 11 +3 21
8 Chengdu Rongcheng 14 5 6 3 16 14 +2 21
9 Zhejiang 12 5 4 3 16 10 +6 19
10 Tianjin Jinmen Tiger 14 5 4 5 21 18 +3 19


Matches of CSL 2022

Some of the matches have already gone well, with the main battles remaining between the leading clubs and the final match to determine the winner.
On 24.08, there was a match between Cangzhou and Zhejiang Professional. Guangzhou FC and Dalian Pro will also play on the day. The match will be broadcast live so you can watch and place your bets.

Speaking of which, the bookies have been very supportive of Cangzhou and they’re pushing the odds too high right now. If you hurry, there’s still time to stake money on one of this season’s most promising players.

How to stake on CSL 2022

As with staking in the regular competitions, you can try your luck at the betting shops. This is the most tried and tested way of making your guess on the future winner. Please note, that we advise you to choose only licensed betting shops that operate according to the law. Beware of scammers and don’t invest all your money in one bet.

Who to stake on

Before you place a stake on a particular player, check the bookmaker’s results. Of course, they cannot be 100% trusted, but you can draw useful conclusions about the club’s winning probability.

You can also analyze bets by the odds that they are offered by the bookmakers. The more reasonable the bet, the more likely it is to play. Usually, if the odds, especially those of new clubs, are inflated, the more likely you are to come across a set-up.

Note that the Chinese competition has already clashed with negative feedback about match-fixing being set up. Don’t let yourself be fooled and place reasonable bets on strong players who have in fact already performed well.

The current best squad in the alliance now are:

  • Wuhan Three Towns
  • Shandong Taishan
  • Henan Songshan Longmen

They are in the bottom three of the champions, so staking against them would be less than unwise. Analyze the data from the tables on the best players, as well as the weather conditions and the field of play, to make the right choice and win.

Where to place football bets in China

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New Chinese Super League season

As mentioned above, to make any predictions for next season 2023, you should at least know which teams will make it to the final this year. As the game goes on, this is difficult to predict.

It is quite possible that Wuhan Three Towns and Shandong Taishan will continue to battle it out. They are strong teams with good guest players who have had great success this year.

But we wouldn’t write off Henan Songshan Longmen and Shanghai Shenhua. Despite the fact that they’re not currently at the top of the table, these clubs’ representatives can take advantage of their opponents’ grueling games and pull ahead. This will be unexpected, but quite pleasing, for those bettors, definitely too.

Soon after this season is over, a new one will start. And we hope to see China’s new stars in it, because this country is throwing more and more attention to sporting events. There’s no doubt the game will be exciting again, so we’re looking forward to the start of the 2023 competition.