There is something special about football. After all, when the national team enters the field, the vast majority of people suddenly sit down in front of the TV, and the streets of the cities become empty.

During important tournaments, even those who have not watched a single match year enjoy watching the most outstanding events in this field. Anyone who has ever been at the stadium during the game of their favorite squad knows that these emotions are incomparable with anything – general joy, singing, euphoria.

Suddenly, several thousand or even tens of thousands of people who do not know each other at all, and often even speak different languages, begin to feel the same. They are like one living organism supporting their team.

Football betting is also a popular activity. The line contains increased betting limits. Large bookmakers make it possible to bet up to $10,000-50,000 per fight. Even the most important matches can be bet more than on the main outcomes of competitions in other sports.

What to bet on?

There are many specific tournaments, and each has distinctive features. Due to the increased attention from amateurs and professionals, every competition makes analysts prepare free predictions to make it easier to gamble on the discipline for those who do not independently analyze data on opponents.

Professionals voice the nuances that are taken into account when forecasting, it remains to decide whether he trusts the expert or not.

There are international tournaments – World Championships, European Championships, UEFA, and Leagues enjoy unconditional attention. In second place are the domestic championships of France, England, Italy, Germany, Spain, India, etc. They are in the line of all bookmakers. Other competitions may or may not be present:

  • less popular championships of European countries, South/North America, Africa, Canada, USA;
  • Cups of different levels;
  • leagues!

Watching all the sports events in order to gamble successfully is not at all necessary, unlike using statistics – without information, you can only win accidentally.

Indian Super League

Today the Indian Super League (officially Hero Indian Super League or the ISL) is a famous football championship, gathering the best professional sportsmen from the whole country of India.

The union was founded in 2013 to make the sports discipline more attractive in India. The first tournament took place in 2014 and was recognized as the most authoritative league in the country. In the beginning, the rules were intended for eight participating teams. The first full-scale championship was held in October-December of 2014.

The ISL fundamentals are strongly based on the other famous leagues in India and the US. All the squads are set up as sports franchises.

History of the ISL

The history of the league started in 2010 when two famous Indian sports federations signed a sponsorship agreement with the Indian group Reliance Industries and the International Management Group from the USA. The contract secured both companies comprehensive rights in the field of sponsorship, advertising, franchising, and media presence at a soccer union in India.

The contract came about due to the expiry of the previous one with the sponsor Zee Sports. The group was to be created that would function on the model of the IPL cricket federation. This led to debates in the I-League, as it became known that Reliance-IMG was planning to redesign the organization accordingly.

On April 25, 2011, the first version modeled on the IPL and MLS was created. The Indian Football Association, which represents and administrates the sport of soccer in West Bengal, established the Bengal Premier League Soccer.

Six franchises played in this organization in the first season. International athletes such as Fabio Cannavaro, Robbie Fowler, Hernán Crespo, and Robert Pirès were signed. In 2013, however, its operations had to be discontinued for financial reasons.

After the Bengal Premier Soccer ended, the AIFF wanted to pursue the idea of ​​a soccer organization for 2014. This time, however, it should be played out across the country. I-League officials opposed it and established the Indian Professional Football Clubs Association. Furthermore, the union declared that they would not sell any athletes to IMG-Reliance and would not commit any players who were already under contract there. The dispute was settled in August 2013.

Before the 2017-18 season, the number of clubs extended from eight to ten, with the arrival of two-time I-League title-holder Bengaluru FC and a new club, Jamshedpur Football Club. In the 2020-2021 season, five-time NFL/I-League hero Mohun Bagan joined the union under the name ATK Mohun Bagan while ATK was disbanded. The owners of ATK had bought a majority stake in the company which owns the soccer division of Mohun Bagan.

Special features of the League

The ISL is the highest level of football event in the country and the local professional organization as well.


​​The ISL Season is conducted in October/November. The subsequent play-offs will take place in November/December. In the regular season, each team competes with one another twice: at the opponent and home venue. The top four teams get their pass to the playoffs. The semi-finals will be played over two stages. The final will only be held at one time.

The rosters are subject to restrictions. Each squad must have a so-called marquee player, a player with an international past. Furthermore, seven foreign athletes must be on the team. Of those seven athletes, only two can be signed directly by the franchise, with the remaining five being drawn from a specific draft. In addition, each team needs 14 Indian athletes, four of whom must be from the city where the squad is based.


Currently, the ISL consists of ten teams from nine different states in India. Unlike many other sports unions, this one does not use relegation and promotion but uses expansion by adding new clubs.

In the 2016 season, each team can declare a maximum of twenty-five players in the squad and a minimum of twenty-two. A maximum of eleven athletes can be foreign, and a minimum of eight in a squad. Each team also had to sign at least one-star player, who had to be approved by the organization. The rest of the athletes must be Indians, two of whom must be under-23 youth athletes.

Main wins

Throughout Ligue’s existence, five clubs were recognized as the best. You can find the list of the champions below.

The most successful clubs

The Indian Super League includes several most outstanding clubs with the largest number of titles:

Rang Clubs First title
1 Bengaluru FC 2017-2018
1 Chennaiyin FC 2017-2018
1 FC Goa 2014
1 Mumbai City FC 2014
1 Jamshedpur FC 2014


The players list of these teams changed significantly from the season 2021-22 and includes many foreign players and potential emerging players that may totally modify the tournament course.

ISL Season 2022-2023

The 2022-23 Indian Super League is the 9th edition of the professional soccer championship in the Republic of India. The season will start on October 6, 2022, and end on March 18, 2023.

Participation in the Hero ISL is closed to eleven franchises representing the most important cities in the country. In the regular phase, the eleven participating sides face each other on two occasions —once in their own field and another in the opposite field— up to a total of 22 games and each team plays 20 games.

The order of the matches is decided by a draw before the competition begins. The classification is established according to the score obtained by each squad at the end of the championship.

Participants obtain three points after each victory, one point after each tie, and no points in the case of loss. If at the end of the championship two squads equal points, the mechanisms to break the tie are the following:

  • The one with the greatest difference between goals for and against according to the result of the battles played between them.
  • The one with the highest goal difference in favor taking into account all those obtained throughout the championship.
  • The club that has scored the most goals!

At the end of this stage, the 2 best squads automatically get the way to the Playoffs, while the 3rd to 6th will make the Reclassification. The winner of the round will play 2021-22 regular season round winner Jamshedpur in the playoff tournament for the 2023-24 AFC Champions event. The playoffs are conducted in two games, while the reclassification is held in a single game.

Leaders of the ISL

Top players Top Teams
1 David Williams 1 Mumbai City FC
2 Ashique Kuruniyan 2 ATK Mohun Bagan
3 Prabir Das 3 Bengaluru FC


Schedule of the ISG

The list of events during the tournament is quite huge because the competition is held from October 2022 to March 2023. You can find the whole schedule of the matches on the official page of the ISL.

How to bet on the ISL?

The rules of the bookmaker prescribe what time is involved in the calculation of the stake for the entire competition. It is necessary to familiarize yourself with the details before making a prediction. Often extra time, and penalty shootouts are not taken into account.

Beginners are advised to start by studying expert opinions on the game to gamble on. You can use capper platforms with calculations, mathematical analysis of the probability of a certain outcome, and a list of odds in different offices.

Success does not come to those who watch all the games. The proficiency lies not only in sports awareness but the ability to build a probable course of the game based on the physical form of the athletes, the game tactics, the statistics of the last meetings with each other, the place in the rating table, and other factors. The list always contains positions, which are based on the statistical data of opponents.

Football gambling lines in bookmakers usually make it possible to predict not only the outcome of the match but also to determine other values ​​- the number of goals, set pieces, and violations. The more varieties soccer offers, the higher the quality of the chosen office and the more popular it is among bettors.
The most popular football bets include:

  • the outcome;
  • against the outcome;
  • total;
  • individual total;
  • handicap stakes;
  • both sides will score.

During the ISL 2022-2023, experts recommend paying attention to such a participant as Hyderabad FC. This team won the first trophy and we believe in its success.

Best striker. There are some pretty prolific goalscorers in the ISL right now, and the competition is pretty hot at the top of the table. A certain Sunil Chhetri has performed very well in front of goal in recent seasons, and he finished among the top in the standings last season. He has hit the back of the net 39 times in these events, we believe he’ll carry that form into the coming season and top the table.

The cleanest leaves. While it’s important for players to hit the back of the net as often as possible, it’s also important to maintain as many clean sheets as possible. After all, some say the best form of offense is to have a good defense, and a man looks exceptional in that department. In this market, we would be tempted to go for Gurpreet Singh Sandhu as he managed to keep 25 clean sheets in his ISL career.

Soccer is recognized as the most popular sport in the world, and all legal bookmakers offer a fairly wide range of stakes. Experts recommend choosing only verified and licensed bookmakers, which guarantee the security of client data protection, as well as the payment of all prize money. You can gamble on both primary events and the lesser popular ones, like Asian Championships, the South American Cup, etc.

In order to effectively bet on soccer, it is important not only to understand this sport but also:

  • choose a reliable bookmaker with high odds and bonuses for athletes;
  • study the types and markets of rates;
  • assess the chances of opponents according to a number of criteria;
  • set up a game bank;
  • study the proposed stakes: advice from experts and forecasters!

These recommendations are not a 100% guarantee of victory but allow you to correctly distribute the budget and not lose when betting on soccer.


In the ISL competition, different sides compete with each other. When analyzing before choosing a bet, consider the following issues:

History of face-to-face meetings. In any sport, including soccer, there is the concept of an «uncomfortable opponent». A squad may experience difficulties to resist such an opponent, regardless of the status at the time of the game. This inconvenience can affect the score and should be taken into account.

Results of recent meetings. Analysis of recent sports events gives a complete picture of the current for​​m of the entire squad. You should pay attention to home and away games, in which the style of play may differ.

Injuries and disqualifications. Injuries, and disqualifications, all the more seriously affect the strength of the entire team and the strategy of the match. This point should be taken into account in the pre-match analysis when forming a forecast.

Tournament position and motivation. The ability to climb higher in the standings brings a strong motivation to the contestants and has a positive effect on the outcome of the game.

Referee. Referees, like soccer athletes, have their own style of work. Some strictly suppress any violations and issue warnings, while other referees turn a blind eye to the players’ fouls. It is also important to pay attention to whether the VAR system is used in the game. If there is a video assistant, then the risk of getting an accidental penalty is noticeably reduced.

In a detailed review of a match, even insignificant details may act as additional factors. F.e., rainy weather increases the likelihood of goalkeeping mistakes and long-range shots, and a series of difficult matches in a row leads to fatigue of all athletes on the squad.

Where to make stakes?

Speaking about football gambling, it is worth noting that such a sports discipline provides everyone with a fairly wide variety of opportunities. A wide variety of stakes allows bettors to make riskier coupons and make general predictions with minimum odds. To gamble successfully, study carefully all the odds, welcome offers, and reviews on the bookmakers.





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Best predictions on the ISL

Each market has its own specifics, which must be taken into account when making a bet. It is much wiser to focus on a few markets and learn how to bet on them than to randomly bet on everything.

Novices usually prefer such gambling options as the outcome of the match, European handicaps, and total goals. Targeting one or more markets can help you more effectively analyze future matches and place stakes on them.

The biggest union of Indian soccer has reached its 8th season, in which the fans can once again get to see the soccer battle between their favorite sportsmen. With 11 clubs invited, the tournament started with a match between 4-time title champions ATK Mohun Bagan and Kerala Blasters, in which Mohun Bagan’s squad dominated the Blasters 4-2.

A total of 115 matches are to be conducted in the 8th season, for which the organizers have currently released the schedule of only 60 matches and will release the schedule of the remaining 55 matches in January.

  • The favorites of 2022-2023 – The favorites
  • Jamshedpur – PTS 43
  • Hyderabad –PTS 38
  • ATK Mohun Bagan – PTS 37
  • Kerala Blasters – PTS 34
  • Mumbai City – 31

One of the foundations of a successful game is proper budget management. Bettors need to know how much they want to spend on bets per month and decide exactly how the funds can be distributed. The amount should be such that it is not a pity to part with it in case of an unsuccessful series.

Also, experienced players are advised not to win back immediately after the defeat and not to increase the stake if the outcome is successful. You need to be guided by the rule of the golden mean.

Players who place stakes on a regular basis and in various bookmakers must keep a record of them. Statistics usually contain information about the date of the stake, the type of bet, odds, amount, bookmaker, and result.

Records with completed bets can help you analyze the game at a distance, and calculate profitability and losses. Controlling statistics can help identify markets where there are drawdowns in order to abandon such rates or improve analytics. Gamblers can use both tables in Excel or Google, as well as paid services and programs.