Many betting enthusiasts in India have become bored with watching local championships and the monotonous classic competitions among the whole region. That is why European championships are gaining more and more popularity among bookmakers in India.

Today we could get acquainted with one of the most spectacular German Cups, which has been gathering the best groups around it for almost a hundred years and provides wide online betting and predictions prospects.

A feature of bets on such events in India is that soccer is strictly regulated by regulations and rules, which allows you to see the result of the bet at the end of the match and constantly monitor the standings.

Soccer itself, as a sport, is the most widespread and popular in the world. Simple rules allow anyone to quickly understand what is happening on the field and sincerely worry about the outcome of the match. That is why football betting is considered the simplest and most profitable.

European football is famous due to its spectacular matches and sporting fans. Each squad has its own army of fans who support the players in the stands, as well as betting generously on online platforms.

All you need to enjoy the soccer world to the fullest is to register on the online betting platform, read the rules and start your journey!

Today we will consider the bets on the most spectacular German DFB Pokal Cup, which annually attracts the attention of hundreds of thousands of spectators around the world.

Why is Football Betting so Popular?

The history of soccer goes back to ancient times. Many nations practiced sports with a ball made of various materials: rubber, leather, coconuts, hay and others. The civilizations of ancient Egypt, Greece, as well as the peoples of South and North America, the Maya and the Aztecs, practiced ball games. Often the action was of a sacred nature, which was fascinated by thousands of spectators.

Simplicity and grace have allowed the sport to develop into a self-sufficient discipline, so it is convenient to practice anywhere. Small children enjoy kicking the ball in the street and the habit stays with them forever.

It was simplicity and accessibility that made the ball game so widespread. However, don’t let the simplicity fool you. It’s not an easy sport at all. It takes years of hard practice to learn how to balance the ball, run with it and pass passes, not to mention how to score a goal. It is the high degree of skill that determines the fabulous fees of world-class soccer players.

However, not only athletes have the opportunity to earn money, but also staking enthusiasts. It provides a wide range of all kinds of wagers, and the prevalence of the sport ensures that most modern bookmakers have a prediction option.

That is why we advise you to pay your attention to European soccer predictions, in particular to the DFB Pokal Cup, which has been held in Germany for 87 years and has gained a huge army of fans during this time.

How to Make Successful Bets on Football?

First of all, you need to realize the fact that rare single wagers could not bring the expected income. If you wager on one match a season expecting your favorite squad to beat all of their opponents no matter what, then this approach could definitely lead you to a complete collapse. The fact is that a non-systematic approach significantly increases the riskiness and is often associated with the so-called emotional betting.

Let’s find out what it takes to successfully wager on football and make money. First of all, you need to build a system thanks to which you will make a series of bets at a certain interval.

It is clear that single matches are not suitable for such purposes. It is best to choose a league or championship that takes place regularly and in which almost the same athletes compete.

This could greatly simplify the process of analysis and forecasting. DFB Pokal Cup, which is regularly
Pay attention to the following factors to provide profitable staking:

  • regularity of events;
  • crew composition;
  • player performance;
  • weather forecast on the day of the game;
  • availability of wagers at bookmakers;
  • high odds;
  • platform reliability;
  • modern license;
  • player injuries;
  • stadium type and field coverage!

The list of things to pay attention to is quite long, but it is much smaller than in any other sport available for betting. So,it is simple and spectacular.

First of all, start your personal betting diary, in which you will track your progress from day to day. In the case of the championship in Germany, check the schedule for 2023 on the league website or on the website of the bookmaker you cooperate with.

It is also important to find where to watch the DFB Pokal Cup. In India, few sports bars provide the opportunity to watch German sporting events. Given the limitations of social distancing, online platforms could be the best choice.

Thanks to the LIVE mode, you can watch the broadcast and place bets at the same time. Ask if your broker has such a feature. Or find a company allowing you to view the selected play in real time.

DFB Pokal Cup Review

Today, great attention is riveted to the German championship. The Bundesliga still occupies the leading place in popularity, but the German Cup will win the hearts of new fans and compete with the main tournament.

Today, staking the German Cup is a very promising industry allowing you to make profitable predictions without leaving your computer. All you need is to turn on the Live wagering section in time!

The current champion of 2022 is the squad from Leipzig. In 2021, Borussia Dortmund won the top prize. Bayern became the most titled group with a dizzying score of twenty victories.

Due to the diversity of the squads represented and the high skill of the athletes, each game is spectacular and allows gambling bettors to make profitable predictions.

German Cup History

The championship takes its history in 1935, when Hans von Tschammer announced the creation of the Tschammer-Pokal, which was designed to bring together all the leading teams in Germany in one competition.

The fans liked the idea very much. The old stadiums could not accommodate everyone, and therefore it was urgently necessary to expand and redo the existing arenas and build new ones.

Initially, the tournament was held in several stages to allow teams to determine their success in a series of three matches, but in 1982 it was decided to change the regulations and play one match with the possibility of extra time.

In the first years, only the four largest teams participated in the tournament. However, by the 1970s, there were already about 128 teams competing with each other. At the moment, the number of participants is 64 compositions.

Until 2008, reserve squads were allowed to participate in the championship, however, by decision of the committee, it was decided to ban it in order to give premium class players the opportunity to play on the field.

An interesting fact: According to the rules of the championship, if the groups played a draw, then the squads changed goals and played another match the next day. This continued until, in 1939, the teams Wacker Wien and Waldhof Mannheim drew three times. It was then, it was decided to introduce such a thing as a penalty.

By the way, the penalty shootout is one of the favorite sections for staking among experienced bettors.

The record holder of the German Cup is considered to be Bayern, which managed to win 20 times. Fans also single out the Fortuna Dusseldorf squad, which holds the the longest winning streak record. They managed during 18 years in a row from 1978 to 1981 never to lose in the final and annually become the gold medalists of the tournament. These two crews share the top positions in the standings, so wagering on them is extremely popular and the odds are always attractive.

DFB Pokal Cup Format

The format of the championship is considered classic and is widely used in Europe. Such regulations allow holding a competition between the strongest teams in the country, which ensures the entertainment of the event.

At the moment, 36 teams from both Bundesligas are automatically accepted to participate in the cup. The rest of the places are given to the winners of regional cups and three more places are usually allocated to second places groups in local tournaments.

In total, there are 64 teams taking part in the championship every year. Agree, for other traditional sports in India, such a variety is something unimaginable. A wide list of teams allows you to choose your favorite and make a huge number of profitable predictions.

From these 64 squads, two groups of 32 teams are formed, which compete with each other in order to identify the best representative of each category. The final matches are traditionally held at the main Olympic Stadium, located in the center of Berlin.

The match regulations provide for a standard 90-minute match with the possibility of adding time. In the event of a draw, the referee awards a penalty shoot-out.

Such competition rules provide a huge online betting opportunity. You can make predictions about which squad will get the opportunity to advance from their group or not, you can make predictions on a series of victories, whether there will be a penalty, whether there will be a draw and much more. Live betting on penalty shootouts is very popular. Experienced players say the format allows you to feel real sports excitement and enjoy an unforgettable atmosphere.

About Pokal Cup 2022/2023

The event is currently one of the key soccer tournaments in Germany, which is very popular far beyond the borders of the country, and even in India.
The 2022 season has already ended and left an unforgettable impression in the hearts of the fans.

The last season began in 2021 on August 6 with the match between Dynamo Dresden and Paderborn and continued with a fierce fight for the title. The season was remembered for the fact that none of the teams showing high results in the previous season could not reach the semi-finals. This is a unique case, which has not yet happened in all 83 years of the tournament’s existence.

The top scoring squads in the 2020/2021 season are:

  • Bochum;
  • Freiburg;
  • Hamburg;
  • Karlsruhe;
  • Hannover 96;
  • RB Leipzig;
  • Union Berlin;
  • St. Pauli!

It was these squads, managed to show the best performance. Keep this in mind during making successful predictions.

The RB Leipzig team became the champion thanks to a crushing victory over Freiburg in the final, which took place on May 21, 2022.
Check out the table of the most successful players of the tournament, which will help you when staking online.

Player Team Scores
Marvin Pieringer SC Paderborn 4 Goals
Fabian Schleusener Karlsruher SC 3 Goals
Marcus Thuram Borussia Mönchengladbach 3 Goals


As you can see from the table, the high performance of individual members does not mean the success of the entire squad. Despite the high results, these teams did not reach the final. That is why you should use different types of wagers. Make predictions for players and teams separately!

For the 2023 season, the schedule of matches has already been approved, which will be held in six consecutive stages.

Round Draw date Matches
First round 29 May 2022 29 July – 1 August & 30–31 August 2022
Second round 4 September 2022 18–19 October 2022
Round of 16 23 October 2022 31 January – 1 February & 7–8 February 2023
Quarter-finals 12 February 2023 4–5 April 2023
Semi-finals 9 April 2023 2–3 May 2023
Final 3 June 2023 at Olympiastadion, Berlin


Keep the schedule in front of you to keep up to date with what’s happening.

How to Bet on DFB Pokal Cup?

Bets on this event regularly bring profit to a huge number of bettors in India and around the world! In order to become one of them, you need to follow a simple and understandable algorithm.

First you need to know everything about the next season. You can familiarize yourself with the tables above and look for information of interest on the websites of bookmakers. Usually predictions and upcoming match analytics are published in advance.

You need to pay attention to the compositions of the top teams, ask about their training regimen, substitutions and the main players.
Afterwards, delve into the study of the schedule. Check the weather forecast for the period of the competition and find out about the stadiums where the decisive matches will be played. Remember: the final game always takes place in the same Arena in Berlin.

The most important point you should pay attention to is choosing the right bookmaker. All your preparations and study of analytics can go to waste due to an unscrupulous bookmaker.

Pay attention to the following features of a decent bookmaker:

  • modern original website;
  • convenient mobile application;
  • welcome promotions;
  • 24/7 customer support;
  • reliable license;
  • availability of reviews;
  • good odds;
  • a wide range of events;
  • variety of types of wagers;
  • possibility of live stream;
  • a wide range of payment methods!

We have analyzed a large number of bookmakers accepting football bets in India and compiled our TOP 7 best online staking platforms, so you do not have to figure out all the intricacies of this area yourself.

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