Wager on sports is a surefire way to make fast money on something you love. Gambling can’t always be seen as your main livelihood, and to bet on slot machines you have to play with an online casino all the time, but sports staking is a great additional source of income that doesn’t require much investment.

Why you should bet on football: simple, profitable, fast

You can bet on any sport, but football is the most popular. Because there are now many fans following the leagues, a huge fanbase of football clubs and specific athletes has already been formed, and there is also a big profit from wager in a bookmaker’s office. In addition, anyone can place a bet by trusting their gut or by analyzing the clubs’ play over the previous seasons.

Why it is worth wagers on match:

  • The widespread popularity of football is advantageous for bookies, with many of them offering lucrative bonuses and odds on bets. The same cannot be said for equestrian sport, where wagers is less and less every year;
  • There are so many tournaments and games. From regional matches to International Premier Leagues, as well as friendly matches, games between countries, and clubs within countries. There is a lot of competition, so it is easier to win money by staking on football, which is not a seasonal sport;
  • Support your favorite team or player. For true fans, this is a chance to show their support and loyalty, and then also make money from it;
  • Simple rules. To place a bet on football, you can simply choose a condition and put money on it. After that, you wait for the match to end and get the winning odds out of it, easier than any job;
  • Big bonuses. Bookies are now fighting amongst themselves for new players, so in order to outbid the competitors’ lucrative offers, they offer new bonuses. You just have to choose the most profitable and trusted bookie and then you can place your bets!
  • True league fans who follow teams from the UEFA Champions League and other seasons to 2023 can use their knowledge to place surprise bets and win. It is also important to know the main times and matcjes betting tricks to get the most out of your bets.

There is a lot to be earned in football staking. Some gamblers even quit their job completely, switching to passive income from wagers. But to make it stable, you need to learn all the nuances of the market, live this interest in gambling and understand all the subtleties of online casinos or wager aggregators. Because an inexperienced person may miscalculate with unsuccessful conclusions and not win, discouraging all desire to play further at the first bet.

Football betting tips for begginers

Staking, like every business, has its chips. They are different for each sport and may also be different when choosing different online casinos. For newcomers, it is best to familiarize yourself with some of the nuances of betting straight away, so that you don’t lose out at the first betting opportunity.

Free tips when you bet on football

Let’s start with some free tips for those new to matches who are just starting out with small bets. Here are 5 tips on how not to go wrong with a bet and make the right choice already after signing up.

Select your Bookmaker. Analyze, go to a few betting sites, and choose the bookie you think is best and who offers the best terms and bonuses on your first bet.
Don’t bet spontaneously. It’s a gamble, but you need to keep your head sober, so look at the odds and use free staking sites, better if you look at 2-5 such sites, analyze the data, and then make a bet.

Read the betting terms carefully so you don’t end up with anything. The fine print should always be proofread before you make your first deposit and bet.
Play for the big leagues. It’s easier to win a UEFA Champions League bet than it is to win any regional competition. So if you’re just starting out, settle for the big fish.

Don’t rely on predictions. The sooner you realize predictions can be wrong, the better. You should never trust bookmakers’ predictions, as they can fudge the results.

How to do great bet in football: who will win the UEFA LC 2023

A large number of football clubs makes it difficult to get into betting, but the upside is that every year history repeats itself and you can look at certain statistics regarding wins.

In 2023, bookmakers name a few strong teams:

  • Man City;
  • Liverpool;
  • Chelsea;
  • PSG;
  • Juventus;
  • Tottenham;
  • Real Madrid!

The only German club to enter the top was Bayern, which last won in 2020, when it beat PSG. “Bayern has won three titles since the beginning of the millennium, the only German club to do so in that period.

The main favorite this season is Manchester City, it is worth stake on during the start of the games. Also, analysts recommend not to ignore Barcelona, Tottenham, and Chelsea, which can show themselves in the final games, taking the championship.

How to analyze indicators in the forecasts on casino

The main analytical work starts 24 hours before the matches. It is important not to blindly trust bookmakers, who can falsify figures. Watch independent sites and analyze several at once to add up the arithmetic average of all predictions.

Predictions from private brokers, too, avoid, because they are often bought. Such moves can even be made by the gamblers themselves to confuse newcomers and make them make the wrong bet.

The main parameters toanalysis:

  1. The rating of the club and its win rate;
  2. The ratio of strong and weak players;
  3. Schedule of the team’s matches;
  4. Analysis of goals in previous matches;
  5. Team strategy by goals;
  6. Weather conditions of the game;
  7. Field coverage;
  8. Support of the fans;
  9. Place of play (home field or away field);
  10. Referees and coaches!

It is best to analyze the previous 5-6 matches and use them to draw conclusions about team fatigue as well as goalscoring prospects. There are times when a club simply loses a win because it has played too strong a rival before.

Use special formulas: like Poisson’s formula to calculate the approximate number of goals.

It looks like this:

  1. the average number of goals scored under away conditions / per number of matches;
  2. the average number under home field conditions per number of matches.

This number must then be divided by the average number of goals scored in home games in the league. This gives you the attacking power of the team.
Divide the number of goals conceded by the number of games to calculate the strength of the defense. Then correlate this data with the players, analyzing the strongest teams and their ratio to each other.

Such analyses are essential to get more or less true independent data about the capabilities of the team in the game. But even that doesn’t give a 100% certainty of the outcome, because the team may be motivated to win, or it may be completely ruined by a certain set of circumstances, which will have a negative effect on the game.

Therefore experienced analysts do an in-depth analysis, calculating the defensive and attacking strengths of each player on the team, taking into account their family circumstances and even their high school play. It is a very subtle science to analyze sport.

Finance live football betting tips

Bookmakers offer many tricks tobetting on sports. But is it really profitable and how do you plan to bet financially? Explore the nuances of financing and making money from betting.

Bookmaker’s bonuses and deposits

Every bookmaker offers bonuses tochoosing it as a sports wagers aggregator. These can be game deposits or bonuses.

It is good to choose a bookmaker that not only gives you, so to speak, free money in your account, after which you can bet, but also has favorable offers for withdrawals. Be sure to see which banks are available, it is better to create a separate card for withdrawals from staking right away, so that there are no unexpected debits.

A bonus of 1000 is considered to be quite profitable if the bookmaker does not impose a withdrawal limit. That is, make sure that even if you win $50, you will be able to withdraw it without a huge fee to yourself.

And, if possible, don’t spend all the bonus money at once. Break it up into 2-3 bets to increase your own winnings. This is a proven chip from experienced bettors.

Financial advice to beginners in stakes

Does not link a working card or credit card to a gambling shop. There’s a risk of running down your entire credit limit on gambling, and that’s terribly unprofessional.

Avoid wagers on the last of your money, these lose 60% of the time as they are made on emotional overtones.

Starting stakes with a small investment of $10-20 is enough for the first time, if you supplement it with bonus money. Probe the ground, then up the stakes when you gain experience.

Don’t forget about taxes, do your research on taxation in your area before withdrawing your money.

Choose only licensed bookmakers, even if the stakes are lower, so you don’t get in trouble with the law.

Choose only one bookmaker and do not start playing on several sites at once in order to collect bonuses from the office. This is a bad tactic if you want to achieve good betting results. You need to get used to one site and its features in order to actually make good bets.

Top football betting sites

The last rule to remember before wager on the new 2023 players League season is to choose the right betting shop. We’ll introduce you to the terms of the best legal gambling shops that offer lucrative bonuses and odds.


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When you choose the right bookmaker you stand a good chance of winning the jackpot this gaming season 2023. Be sure to stick to our plans and tips to achieve the best gambling results.

Rely only on your luck and be sure to win. We wish you big winnings and good bets.