According to FIFA reports, 265 million people of all genders play soccer worldwide, and 3.5 billion identify themselves as soccer fans. Such popularity of the competition creates a lot of interest in fans to bet on it.

Such crazy popularity can be obtained by:

Accessibility. Every country has had at least some form of football since ancient times. If you replace the ball with a jar, and the goal with two sticks, the game will still be called football. Most people are familiar with the principles and rules of the game since childhood.

Competition. The different events are complemented by various teams around the world. Each has a unique style of play and personality that bring a highlight to every event. Plus, there is not one dominant team. Every year there are changes and transfers of players that make it impossible for one squad to lead.

Fan movement. Fans join clubs and begin to actively support him. Together they watch the matches, buy related staff and hold a campaign to support their favorite teams.

Online availability. Viewing live matches is limited to the stadium. Only those who managed to buy quids enjoy the game. Most fans do this by broadcasting on television or online on websites. Betting platforms offer online matches in parallel with the betting process.

How to bet on football?

Football is one of the most popular sports. There is no locality in the popularity of this famous sport. Every country is involved in battling in this sport. Betting platforms offer a variety of sport-related bets. All options are available on the rates page. To make a bet, choose a specific tournament you like. All competitions are organized by the federation, regulations are drawn up for each match.

The most famous competitions to bet on are:

Football became a part of an Olympic sport in 1908. Two circumstances contributed to this fact: the creation of FIFA in 1904 and the holding of the next Olympics in England. One of the indispensable conditions of the British was the official recognition of football as an Olympic sport. Since then, the sport has become an integral part of the Olympic Games program.

Olympic football competitions are held by the Committee of the International Olympic games, FIFA, which has an Olympic commission, as well as the organizing committee that conducts the given Olympics, and directly by the country that is the host of the Olympic Games. The periodicity of the Olympic tournament is once every 4 years, just like the Olympic Games themselves.

Conducted by FIFA:

The World Cup of Football — a global match. The competition is organized by world football’s governing body, FIFA, and is open to the men’s national teams of all FIFA member countries.

The final tournaments of the world championships are held once every 4 years, but together with the regional qualifying tournaments, the world championship lasts for 3 years.

The World Cup is the most popular competition. Takes the CL to the top because of the huge cultural impact that victory can bring. The way of the country’s manifestation on the world stage. Such events receive the highest rates in the host country.

The UEFA CL is a famous European competition. It is held annually between the leading clubs of Europe under the patronage of UEFA. This tournament of international importance gathers the most expensive teams in the world.

UEFA EL — an annual European cup tournament held under the auspices of UEFA since 2009–10; second in importance after the CL.

Review on EPL

On May 27, 1992, a limited liability company titled English Premier League was established. The FL has reduced its activities to three divisions. The PL took one division.

Initially, there were 22 participants, but there was an idea to reduce this number. This was done in 1995, with the expulsion of four teams and the promotion of two. In 2006, FIFA requested that the tournament be reduced to 18 squads. It was opposed to starting 2007–08 with 20 groups.

Six clubs are permanent, they have been part of the Premier League since its inception: Arsenal, Chelsea, Everton, Liverpool, Manchester United, and Tottenham Hotspur.

The groups of footballers that occupy the four top positions of the PL advance to the group stage of the UEFA CL next season.

Fifth place in the Premier League means the participation of the group in the UEFA EL. The lower-placed squad will qualify for the UEFA ECL.
The Premier League is a popular sporting event. 4.7 billion fans follow the competition. The total attendance of all events during the season is more than 14 million fans.

According to the coefficients of the UEFA championship, the Premier League has the first line.

England’s top division has the second most UEFA CL/European Cup titles.

Five English clubs have been awarded fourteen European trophies.

The strongest sports clubs in the world are members of the tournament. 5-6 contenders for the title each season make the competition one of the most exciting events to watch.

English Premier League history

In the 1980s in England, large football clubs began to apply commercial principles in their activities to maximize profits. The highest division of the EFL demanded a higher fee from television companies for covering their matches.

In the early 1990s, according to Taylor’s report on safety standards in stadiums, clubs had to finance the improvement of the venue for holding matches. Although television representatives gradually increased the payment of broadcasts, this was not enough for the development and prosperity of the clubs of the First Division of England.

The radical replacement had to be made. A meeting was held between the director of the television company that broadcasts the events and the agents of five famous clubs. Greg Dyke proposed that only the big clubs’ matches be shown on national television. From the expansion of television rights, they would receive an increase in profits. Both sides agreed on cooperation, but there was also a third partner. A separate tournament cannot exist without the approval of the FA.

In June 1991, the report “Plan for the future of football” was established, in which it was noted the actions to make a Premier League under the patronage of the FA. The association will act as the main authority for monitoring the activities of the newly formed championship.

The agreement between the founding members on July 17, 1991, established the basic principles of the creation of the Premier League. The event, with commercial self-government from the FL and the EFA, could now organize its own broadcasting and make sponsorship deals.

British Sky Broadcasting won the bidding for the rights to broadcast matches for five years. The BBC had the television rights to show the highlights as part of the broadcast on Match of the Day.

The first season of the EPL, in which 22 clubs participated, took place in 1992-93. The Premier League is considered the highest rank in the EFL system.

Peculiarities of the English Premier League

Competition format

In the Premier League, in the time of s season, which lasts from August to May, 20 clubs compete with each other. For 38 matches, each squad plays the others twice at their home stadium and at the stadium of their opponents. You can get three points as a win and one point as a draw.

A loss does not change the team’s position on the list. The winner of the season is the group of players with the most points, goal difference, and goals scored. If there is an equal number of points, the squads occupy the same positions or a playoff event is held.



In the PL, there is a rule that the first 17 teams in the ranking remain for the next season, and the last three move to the Championship of the EFL. The two best groups from the last-mentioned tournament replace them. The additional third place is played in a playoff series between the clubs ranked third through sixth.

English professional tournament records:

Since1992, 50 clubs have participated in the event.

The leading list:

  • 13 Manchester United;
  • 6 Manchester City;
  • 5 Chelsea;
  • 3 Arsenal;
  • 1 Blackburn Rovers;
  • 1 Leicester City!

Winning records

The record score is 9–0, it was won only three times. Manchester United won it first in 1995 and again in 2021. «Leicester City» got the absolute record on the road with a score of 9-0.

List of highest-scoring games:

Scored Team When
7 out of 11 Portsmouth 29 September 2007
6 out of 10 Tottenham Hotspur 29 December 2007
9 out of 10 Tottenham Hotspur 22 November 2009
8 out of 10 Manchester United 28 August 2011
7 out of 10 Arsenal 29 December 2012


The Premier League players records

  • Ryan Giggs appeared in 22 seasons;
  • Marcus Bent was part of 8 clubs;
  • The oldest player was 43 years old and his name was John Burridge;
  • The youngest player – Harvey Elliott was 16 years old;
  • Brad Friedel played 310 consecutive tournaments.

Most appearances players:

Appearances Player Member of Nat
632 Ryan Giggs Manchester United Wales
508 Jamie Carragher Liverpool England
492 John Terry Chelsea England
414 Mark Noble West Ham United England
379 Jussi Jääskeläinen Bolton Wanderers Finland


The current season 2022-2023

The 31st season of the Premier League runs from August 2022 to May 2023. The three teams promoted from the Championship and participating are «Fulham», «Bournemouth», and «Nottingham Forest».

So far, 56 goals have been scored this year. Rodrigo was named the best scorer by scoring three goals.

The biggest home win is 4:0 in favor of «Manchester City».

Crystal Palace’s biggest away win is 2-0.

Top scorers

As of 15 August 2022

Player Member of  Scored
Rodrigo Leeds United 3
Josh Dasilva Brentford 2
Pascal Groß Brighton & Hove Albion
Erling Haaland Manchester City
Gabriel Jesus Arsenal
Gabriel Martinelli Arsenal
Aleksandar Mitrović Fulham


The Premier League leaders are «Manchester City» and «Arsenal», both with 6 points. Alo under qualification for the CL group stage is «Brentford» and «Tottenham Hotspur» with 4 points. «Newcastle United» is under qualification for the EL group stage with 4 points.

Next tournaments:

There will be a break because of the World Cup from November 12-13 to December 26, 2022.

30 August Crystal Palace v Brentford

Fulham v Brighton

Southampton v Chelsea

Leeds v Everton

31 August AFC Bournemouth v Wolves

Arsenal v Aston Villa

Man City v Nottingham Forest

West Ham v Spurs

Liverpool v Newcastle

1 September Leicester v Man Utd
3 September Everton v Liverpool

Brentford v Leeds

Newcastle v Crystal Palace

Nottingham Forest v AFC Bournemouth

Spurs v Fulham

Wolves v Southampton

Aston Villa v Man City

4 September Chelsea v West Ham

Brighton v Leicester

Man Utd v Arsenal


How To Bet On The Premier League?

Football as a form of activity is very popular. The EPL is very profitable and competitive on the world stage. It is the clubs themselves that create the audience’s interest in these competitions. Many different teams, both old legends, and newcomers take part in EPL. The best players are always present at matches. A large number of sponsors, accessible broadcasts, and the best venues for competitions attract fans.

Almost all online betting sites offer to bet on the English Premier League. Sites are full of categories related to this championship. Websites regularly offer bonuses for this kind of football. The customer can get free bets, big periodical bonuses, unlimited limits, or increased odds.

The football betting market has a large number of categories:

A specific winner. One group is selected to bet on the victory. It is worth paying attention to the coefficients from the bookmaker.

Results of the season. Betting on a team’s final position in the rankings can be a much more predictable variant for punters in the event betting field. When more than half of the games are played, it is easier to analyze the big picture.

The table will level out and the best groups will take the leading positions.

Betting on the outright of the season is less risky. After all, one lost event can move the squad down several steps. A minimum of knowledge about teams is required, only observation of the game.

Bets on the four competition winners at the end. They are the most common bets because last season’s leading teams are at the top every next one.
Overs/Unders betting is becoming increasingly popular as a type of football betting. Players place bets on whether the final result chosen by the bookmaker will be higher or lower than the guessed number.

Accumulator bets/Parlays. This category is for experienced gamblers. The player simultaneously marks all categories of bets on one form. Sometimes even on different matches taking place at the same time. Significant payouts are on the verge of high risk.

Tips for a more efficient online bidding process

It is important to have a general understanding of the game. It is worth orienting yourself in coaches, teams, and their composition. The game strategy of the whole group and special techniques of individuals. Defense and attack statistics. What technique belongs to the group? By analyzing the tactics of the game, you can predict its success.

Currents quad form. Team composition can change during the game, you should not only look at recent wins and losses but also take into account the teams they faced.

An important point is to take into account the conditions of the match. Local squads, because they have trained on the same field where the competition is held, usually play more skillfully. Weather conditions, which can change, also play a key role.

Postponement or even rescheduling of the game is possible.

Fitness and suspension. The physical condition of each player and the general interaction of the group is also important. The presence of injuries in the past and selfish, unreasonable behavior on the field do not add advantages to the player.

But the main rule is to make smart stacks. Due to the presence of a large number of bets, you can get confused. It is better to focus on the matches and choose well-known teams.

Where to bet on EPL?

Different bookmakers offer variations in terms and guarantees. Licensed representatives must be chosen among many options. They have guarantees of confidentiality of personal and financial data.


The list of reliable betting sites:




  • generous outright bets;
  • mobile apps;
  • withdrawals within 24 hours;
  • quick customers support!


  • Cons:
    country restrictions;
  • strict verification policy;
  • few support languages!



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  • mobile-friendly website and application;
  • various depositing and withdrawal!


customer support is not 24/7!




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Forecast for the season

Piers Morgan, editor-in-chief of First News vision of the English Premier League 2022–2032:

  • «Manchester City» will win the EPL championship.
  • «Liverpool”, «Tottenham Hotspur» and «Arsenal» will enter the top 4.
  • «Manchester United» will be a disappointment in the new season due to a change of coach.

The top three best players consist of

  • Mohamed Salah has been awarded three times in the past years.
  • Erling Haaland is a betting favorite with good statistics
  • Luis Diaz is a contender for the «Golden Boot». It is expected that he can score the most goals.

There are analytical forecast programs. One of them made the following predictions:

  • «Liverpool» are 71 percent likely to win the Premier League campaign;
  • «Manchester City» have a 24 percent chance to succeed;
  • «Arsenal» will take 3rd place with 59 returns;
  • «Tottenham» 4th place respectively with 49 percent;

all three clubs that have just been promoted to the PL ahead of 2022-2023 will be relegated at the end of the season.


The PL is criticized for its lack of transparency and unclear accountability. The EPL has blocked an attempted takeover of Newcastle United by a consortium. Fans and partners associated with the deal condemned the response. They accused the event of fraud and the lack of a mechanism to regulate problems.

It plays a big role because one of the reasons for the creation of the new event was the unfavorable financial situation of the groups. From the very beginning til 2016, the main sponsorship rights of the Premier League were sold to two companies, Carling and Barclays Bank PLC.

Currently, due to its global popularity, the event does not need sponsors. On 4 June 2015, the FA announced that it would no longer enter any title sponsorship deals in order to clean up the image.

Premier League has official partners and suppliers. Sports equipment for the event is supplied by Nike. The Merlin Topps brand til 2019 had a license to produce collectibles such as stickers and collectible cards. Topps’ Match Attax partner has produced the world’s best-selling sports card game. Cadbury is the official snack partner.

The event has two awards – the real trophy, which is owned by the squad at the top of the ranking, and a spare copy. Having two identical awards makes it possible to hold the main tournaments in different places. The award is a trophy with a golden crown and a malachite plinth The design of the trophy represents English football in the form of three lions.