There are a lot of activities in the world. It is very important to find your passion which will inspire you. We’re inspired by football. It is the game we are madly keen on. Football is not only a hobby. It has been our indirect source of income for many years. We want to tell you how you can also make it your money stream.

Our goal

We want to help you choose the most reliable football bookmaker so that you can be certain that your money will work for you. The choice is huge. It’s very easy to get lost. Let us be your guiding light.

Our aim

We want all people not only to enjoy football and discuss which football team will win, but also turn such discussions into profits.

Why have we decided to create SportsOnearthBlog?

SportsOnearthBlog began from a small Facebook group for a close circle of friends. Then more and more people wanted to join the community to discuss the bookmakers and the best betting options. We understood that it’s high time to go bigger. That was the first step to the creation of this website.

How much do we love football?

Football is our passion. One can’t find a more interesting and exciting game. But for us it’s not just a game. It is the way of life. It’s a community of like-minded people. It’s a style and a hobby. And, thanks to betting, it’s a source of income. It allows us to spend more on things we enjoy. Football and betting have become a part of our everyday life, now it’s a routine. We are very happy about that.

We’ve been keen on football since 2005

It all began on a playground where we played football. At first we didn’t know the rules, the game seemed a bit strange. Eventually, it grew on us. We started diving into its senses with a particular focus. In 2012 we were already playing in amateur championships in our city. Some of us have even become professional football players for world-famous teams. Some of the team are professional football analysts, so we know what step players will take next.
Combining years of experience and genuine passion, we can confidently state that placing a correct bet is not a tough nut for us to crack at all.

SportsOnearthBlog team

Our managing team consists of dedicated experts and huge fans of football:

  • John Cook
    John is a former player for FC Goa. He is now a CEO at SportsOnearthBlog. He is behind the whole idea of blog creation.
  • Ron Hoover
    Ron worked as a sports analyst at Sports18 channel. At SportsOnearthBlog Ron is a CMO. He works with press and does marketing.
  • Sandeep Kumar
    Sandeep is our COO. He is in charge of all our operational activities. Should you have any questions, you can reach directly to him.

Stay tuned for the hottest football updates and analytics in our blog!